There was a cake

Before there was a Peaberry Studio, before I loved felt balls, before I made thousands of raindrop garlands, there was a cake. It was the first cake I made for my daughter's birthday party. Her "Ice Cream Shoppe" party. It was her second birthday because when she was one I had no idea how to throw a kids' party! I spent hours going down the Pinterest rabbit hole trying to come up with ideas for the best ice cream shop party I could. The cake? It was just ok, but the "fanciest" cake I had ever made.

To this day, it's my favorite party she's had. I put so much effort into the table top awning, the ice cream-themed food, the invitation, the chalk boards, the fabric bunting, and so much more. It took months and I loved every minute.

That party lit a fire under me, it was the catalyst for my party and home decor business. When occurred to me some time later that I could do this for others. I set out on a journey to create party decor for the discerning party host. I have made thousands of paper raindrop garlands, cup cake toppers, cake toppers, straw tags and now felt ball decor. While the paper items are still available in my Etsy store, I want this site to be focused on my passion for felt balls. Felt balls are perfect for home decor and holidays, but I still found a way to represent that Ice Cream Shoppe party too! 

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