Vintage Christmas felt ball garland
Vintage Christmas felt ball garland

Vintage Christmas Felt Ball Garland

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Get that popular vintage look with this Vintage Christmas Felt Ball Garland. It's a classic blend of Mustard, Lime, Red, White and Aqua. Put it on the mantle, or on your tree for a touch of Christmas nostalgia.  

The 2cm (approx 1 inch) 100% wool felt balls are movable on the red and white cotton twine. No need for knots, the balls will stay put once you place them. 

How many balls are on the string? 6 foot = 30 balls, 8 foot = 40 balls, 10 foot = 50 balls, 12 foot = 60 balls

How many garlands do I need for my tree? We recommend one 12 foot garland per 2 feet of tree. Example: A 6 foot tree would need three 12 foot garlands.